She Of Change Magazine- Issue 14

This edition is dedicated to honouring all seafarers, with a special focus on Women seafarers.

On the cover page, we feature Hande Ipek Yamanel, a remarkable Turkish woman who has made her mark in the luxury Cruise Industry. We have also covered Beverly Thomas Paulin, a remarkable woman, who serves as the Harbormaster at Port Everglades. We also explore the journey of the first female Iranian Instructor specializing in sea survival and rescue operations.

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Previous Releases

Get inspired by the vision, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit of these leaders in the Maritime Industry. Click on the thumbnail to download a PDF version of our previous editions.

Issue 13- Padmini Mellacheruvu- Groundbreaker Framing Hydrogen Ship Rules

To commemorate International Day for Women in Maritime, this edition of She of Change pays tribute to the exceptional women who work in the maritime industry. The magazine pays tribute to these extraordinary women who continue to thrive despite the obstacles they face in a largely male-dominated sector. One such remarkable woman is Padmini Mellacheruvu, a distinguished former ISRO scientist who has set the standards for hydrogen-powered ships. Her incredible journey serves as a source of inspiration that should not be overlooked.

Issue 12- Karin Orsel- A Leader With A Difference

To commemorate International Women’s Day, this edition of She of Change pays tribute to the exceptional women who work in the maritime industry.Our cover story features Karin Orsel, one such exceptional woman who blazed a trail in the shipping industry through unwavering perseverance and diligence. Also featured in this edition is another remarkable woman Mrs. H. K. Joshi, ex-CMD, SCI who received the Maritime SheEO Lifetime Achievement Award.

Issue 11- Setting Sail With Captain Jeanine

This edition of She of Change was released on 28th September to coincide with World Maritime Day. Let’s take a moment to salute all those involved, contributing and adding value to this very important industry! This issue has some very thought-provoking accounts from key professionals describing how their companies are committed to DEI practices and the positive takeaways. 

Issue 10- Cruising With Captain Kate

To commemorate Seafarer’s Day, we have curated this edition to especially feature women seafarers who have left their mark in the maritime industry through their sheer determination to succeed and passion for the sea. They discuss their maritime journey, life at sea, the rewards and struggles, and why they choose this profession. Featuring Capt Kate McCue of Celebrity Cruises, Pilot Diaries, and a special feature on the BBNJ Treaty.

Issue 9- In Conversation With
Ilya Espina DE Marotta

This issue commemorates the International Day for Women in Maritime, which is observed on May 18th, by highlighting the accomplishments and inspirational journeys of some exceptional women professionals, many of whom are women who have been appointed for the first time in roles previously held only by men in the shipping industry. Among these women are Nildeniz Sutcu Sen, Turkey's first marine pilot, and Kalpana Desai (Labour Trustee) Board Member, Mumbai Port Authority / Secretary, All India Port & Dock Workers' Federation.

Issue 8- Influencing The Shipping Industry- Katharina Stanzel

The cover page portrays Katharina Stanzel, who has built a successful career in the shipping industry and now leads as the Managing Director of Intertanko. Katharina is without a doubt a role model for all young shipping professionals. This issue also includes a summary of the largest diversity conference, The Maritime SheEO Conference ’22 as well as essays on gender diversity that won awards in the Maritime SheEO Competition. Also, a must read is the interesting feedback of Women professionals who have completed the LEAP programme.

Issue 7- Dorothea Ioannou Trailblazer- Steering The Shipping Industry

This 7th edition covers a variety of timely subjects including MTCCS network in Green Shipping, FIATA leading the Digital Revolution, Women Seafarers' Rights, articles on Women empowerment and Inclusivity and many other worthwhile readings. Dorothea Ioannou, CEO of P & I Club USA, graces our cover page. Her interview, which appears in this issue, discusses her career growth in the maritime industry as well as the challenges she experienced and overcame. It is, without a doubt, an interesting and inspiring read.

Issue 6- She Champions Diversity & Inclusitivity In Maritime

In this special section, we celebrate the captivating narratives and invaluable wisdom shared by our mariners, those intrepid souls who have braved the open waters, harnessing the wind and waves to traverse the vast expanse of the sea. Within these pages, you'll find tales that evoke the spirit of adventure and discovery, each story a testament to the unique experiences and challenges encountered upon the boundless blue.

Issue 5- Celebrating International Day For Women In Maritime

In this edition, we include thought-provoking interviews with members of the World Maritime University - Women's Association about combating gender bias. Also presented are DEI best practices and a gentleman's perspective on gender inclusiveness. This edition also features an informative interview with Ms. Quah Ley Hoon, Chief Executive of the Singapore Maritime and Port Authority, who appears on our cover page. More interviews and insightful perspectives from other professional maritime women are also presented.

Issue 4- Women Championing Sustainability In Maritime

With this issue, we would like to introduce a new section called "Pilot Diaries," in which female pilots from around the world will enlighten us on the intricacies of their job as well as their stories of success. Our cover features Ms. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of World Maritime University. She is a strong supporter of gender equality and has made significant contributions to the cause of sustainable shipping. 

Issue 3- Scaling New Heights

We have featured inspiring stories of notable women from various sectors of the maritime industry in this edition. Despite the numerous challenges and obstacles that have come their way, they have all carved a niche for themselves. We are convinced that you will enjoy reading about each of their life experiences and professional growth.

Issue 2- Change Maker: The shipping Socialist At The Helm

With this edition, we wanted to interview leading women in the industry and showcase their strength, something we have always believed at Maritime SheEO. 

Birgit M. Liodden, Founder & CEO (TOOL) has been featured on the cover page of “She of Change”. She has narrated a personal account of her amazing journey and how she overcame obstacles to reach the top of her professional career. Birgit with her tremendous achievements and work for sustainability and diversity has today earned the respect and admiration of the global shipping fraternity.

Issue 1- The Inaugural Edition

This magazine is a collection of stories from Women in Maritime. These women share their insights into working within the maritime industry. Come and be inspired by our inaugural edition