Research Reports on Women in Maritime

Delve into a comprehensive report published by Maritime SheEO, offering a nuanced understanding of the maritime industry's dynamics. Drawing from meticulous surveys, these report sheds light on the multifaceted experiences of women working within this sector, both at sea and onshore. 

The reports provide a detailed exploration of the working conditions they encounter and the challenges they navigate daily. Moreover, insights gleaned from top employers across diverse verticals in the maritime industry offer valuable perspectives on the representation of women in various roles and levels within organizations. 

By presenting candid feedback and data-driven analyses, this report contributes to a deeper understanding of gender dynamics in the maritime field and highlights opportunities for fostering women's empowerment and inclusivity within this traditionally male-dominated domain.

The Maritime SheEO Report (2023)

Dive into a comprehensive report encapsulating the essence of the largest global conference for diversity in the Maritime industry. The report distills key insights and highlights from these discussions, offering a nuanced understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and innovative initiatives shaping the industry's landscape.

Business Case for Gender Diversity In The
Indian Maritime Industry (2020)

This study examines the role of women in the Indian maritime industry, serving as a foundational resource for understanding diversity's business case. Through analysis of 104 companies, it explores factors like business outcomes and COVID-19's impact. With 44% female respondents and 56% male, the study provides insights across various sectors, urging further research into gender diversity and inclusion in India's maritime landscape.

Survey on Gender Equality in
Indian Maritime Industry (2019)

Explore a comprehensive report uncovering gender bias and inequality in the maritime industry, identifying challenges faced by women onshore and offshore. This report reaches into issues concerning women's representation in top management and discovers actionable policy reforms aimed at fostering inclusivity and diversity across all sectors of the maritime domain.